The SWLA Youth Golf Tour has every golf course in Southwest Louisiana booked for a tournament this summer.  We will conclude the Tour Season at Mallard Cove Golf Course for the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP

You can also find more information and Tournament results on our Facebook page

The SWLA Youth Golf Tour is a membership based competitive opportunity for junior golfers in our area.  We offer the following age categories for competition:

  • CoEd 10 and Under
  • Boys 11 to 12
  • Boys 13 to 14
  • Boys 15 to 17
  • Girls 11 to 12
  • Girls 13 to 14
  • Girls 15 to 17

Visit the website dedicated to the SWLA Youth Golf Tour

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Membership fee is $25 for the Tour Season.  Each tournament entry fee is $25.  We reward points for participation as well as place of finish in each age division.  We then award top finishers at each tournament, as well as award top point finishers at the end of the Tour Season.


1ST PLACE = 30 points

2ND PLACE = 20 points

3RD PLACE = 10 points

Participation = 5 points

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