Your question likely is "where do we start?"  Or "I don't know if my child will like golf and I don't want to spend money on golf equipment if he or she does not like it."  These are concerns that we are well aware of.  Here is your answer!

Start with a local golf camp at a local golf course, they all have them in some form during the summer.  Go to the Contact Us / Camps page on this site and find a link to a Golf Camp Application.  Most golf camps are designed for beginners.  The golf courses offering the camps should have extra equipment for the kids to use, therefore, you do not need to buy golf clubs.  Usually golf camps accept ages 7 to 13.  If your child likes golf camp and wants to continue to learn more about playing the game, move them on to the next level.

The next level would be the PGA Junior Golf League.  The junior golfer will need their own equipment for this program.  It is little league for Golf.  Juniors are paired together in a team format.  Beginners can be paired with other older juniors who have experience and some skills.  Each team will carry 12 to 15 juniors.  The Lake Charles LA League had 4 teams last year from Gray Plantation, The National Golf Club of Louisiana, Mallard Cove Golf Course, and the Lake Charles Country Club.  Recommended age for this program is 8 to 13.  See the registration link on the PGA Jr League Golf page on this site.  If they enjoy this program and show interest in progressing with their skill level, then take them to the next step.

The next step is the SWLA Youth Tour.  They will need some competitive experience as well as some basic rules knowledge to participate at this level.  The Youth Tour provides individual tournament experience and competition where junior golfers can find out where their skill level matches up to others of the same age.  The Youth Tour provides a platform for junior golfers to better themselves for competition, especially if they are participating on a middle school or high school golf team.  Those looking at trying out next year for a school team should be playing in these tournaments to gain the experience.  Use the link on the Youth Golf Tour page on this site to get more information.

For Junior golfers that begin to excel at golf, there is an opportunity to join the Elite Team program run by Bear Suarez in Westlake. 


If anyone is needing subsidy assistance to get involved in a junior golf program, please contact me at:

We offer a $300/year subsidy to those who qualify.

The mission of the Southwest Louisiana Junior Golf Association Inc is to bring the game of golf to every youth in our community by giving each  of them at least one initial exposure point to the game.  We have developed 5 distinct programs to accomplish that mission.  For beginners, we utilize the various golf camps offered at area golf facilities by the Golf Professionals.  We also use the PGA Junior League Golf program to invite beginners to learn more about the game, rules, and etiquette through fun and relaxed team competition.  We use SNAG GOLF as a mobile tool to visit with inner-city / under-privileged church or other civic youth groups and conduct fun and energetic 2 hour clinics.  We use both TRI GOLF and XTREME GOLF mobile equipment kits to provide elementary and middle school PE Coaches the opportunity to teach a golf curriculum.  Most have used these equipment kits to accommodate class sizes of up to 40 to 50 kids for a three week period.  The Youth Golf Tour is designed to allow juniors to take golf more seriously and  experience individual competition.  Many of the members are participating on golf teams at the middle school and high school levels.  We round out our skill programs with the Elite Teams coached by Bear Suarez.  Members of the Elite Teams are invited to participate based on skill and potential, behavior, integrity, school performance, and desire to achieve higher levels.  The Elite Team program is tournament intensive with a lot of travel to high profile junior golf tournaments where college coaches are recruiting their new players.  Therefore, we have built a system where a junior can come in as a beginner and go as far they wish with their goals!

6th Annual J.T. Mitchell Memorial

Golf Tournament

July 30th, 2018

Lake Charles Country Club




$1000 scholarship awarded one time annually to a graduating high school senior who played golf on a team.

Must be attending McNeese State

or Sowela. 

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